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Weekly Activities

At EPA! Español en Panama we believe that if you are looking to have a full immersion into the Hispanic language you not only need to learn the language but also get to know the culture of the country. That is why EPA!  has weekly cultural activities for our students. These activities are always schedule for Thursday afternoons. The students will take their morning group classes and then join the activity choose for that day.

EPA! Will cover for the transportation and the student may pay an extra fee for the activity itself, but do not worry most of the activities are at a low cost or no cost at all.

Here are some example of the activities you can enjoy during your immersion program:

Visit to indigenous community Embera Draje

Cave Exploration

Enjoy of numerous hiking trails in one of the 3 national parks located in Panama City

Visit a museum or heritage location

Have lunch in one of the numerous Panamanian restaurants in the city

Visit the Panama Canal

Visit a zoo

Get in a boat and visit little islands were 3 species of monkeys live.

Enjoy some Latin dance class such as salsa, merengue, reggaeton and others

Get to visit an artisan chocolate factory

Learn how to elaborate a “tembleque” traditional headwear piece that is part of the Panamanian folk dress (pollera).

We also have once a month excursion on Saturdays or over the weekend. Some of these activities may be:

Visit the beautiful Caribbean islands of San Blas

Visit an indigenous community

Visit one of the various near beaches in the Pacific and Caribbean

Visit one of the mountains we have very near the city

Awesome trip to the Kuna Yala islands

Learning about Embera tribe traditional art

Last but not least, we also organize various social events such as barbecues, bowling nights, bars and others.

Click here to see our calendar of monthly activities.

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