School Information

School Information

EPA! is a high-quality center for learning Spanish in Panama as a Second or Foreign Language. In EPA! We have 15 years teaching people from multiple nationalities. We are part of the ELS Panama Group.

School facilities Panama City

15 modern and spacious classrooms

Air Conditioning

Internet and Multimedia Lab


Central Location



Opportunity to mingle with local students too!

School facilities Boquete Town

3 modern and spacious classrooms


Internet and Multimedia Lab


Central Location



Opportunity to mingle with local students too!

School Location Panama

We have two convenient locations in Panama to choose from depending on your needs. Our main location is in Paitilla, San Francisco, which is centrally located in a great and safe area with easy access to public transportation. This location is in one of the best neighborhoods within the city and is within walking distance from other important neighborhoods, the financial area, the sea, restaurants, malls, bars, nightclubs, and much more.

Panama City is a vibrant and cosmopolitan city with a rich history and culture. There are many attractions to explore in the city, including the historic district of Casco Viejo, which features beautifully restored colonial architecture and a lively atmosphere with restaurants, bars, and cafes. You can also visit the Panama Canal, one of the most important engineering marvels in the world, and learn about its history and impact on global trade. With our convenient location in Paitilla, San Francisco, you will be able to easily explore all that Panama City has to offer while improving your Spanish language skills.

School Location Boquete Town

Our second location is in Boquete, Province of Chiriqui, which is located in the western part of Panama, close to the Costa Rican border. This location is situated in the center of the town, which is the safest in the entire country and probably Latin America. Boquete is a popular tourist destination, known for its natural attractions, fauna and flora. In just a few minutes, you can be in the mountains, a waterfall, or just admiring the beautiful nature and hearing many types of birds.

We offer Spanish language classes at both locations, catering to a wide range of students including school and university students, ONG and international companies, as well as retirees and digital nomads.

Centro Comercial Plaza Paitilla, 2º piso, local 62, Avenida Balboa y vía Italia Panamá , PA República de Panamá

Plaza Los Establos Local #22 Avenida Central y calle 5ta A sur. Bajo Boquete, Chiriquí. República de Panamá

Meet The Staff

Director EPA!

Alberto Orillac – CEO


Nathalie Moreno

Sales and Marketing Coordinator

student services

Lia Lezcano

Student Services

Giselle Montenegro

Boquete Coordinator

Patricia Tinoco

Academic Coordinator


EPA! Español en Panama and it´s school in Panama City is a center accredited by the Cervantes Institute and also, we are approved by Bildungsurlaub (Germany)


The Cervantes accreditation is a quality accreditation that pays specific attention to the academic aspects of a Spanish teaching center.

Achieving and maintaining this accreditation is an arduous and intense process that is obtained through maintaining optimal academic processes and results.


BILDUNGSURLAUB recognition, shortly known as BU, allows German employees to receive an extra five to ten days of holidays per year, during which they must attend some form of educational training, i.e., a language course. BU presents a win/win situation for employee, as both parties’ benefit from the increase in knowledge of the employee.

The following list shows the federal states in which Spanish courses from us are recognized as educational leave.

  • Berlin – Spanish Super Intensive 5 or 10 days
  • Hesse – Spanish Super Intensive 5 or 10 days
  • Recognized according to § 11 section 4 HBUG. 30 hours of time and 20% political national culture are proven and certified.
  • Niedersachsen – Spanish Super Intensive 5 or 10 days
  • Rhineland – Palatinate – Spanish Super Intensive 5 or 10 days
  • Saarland – Spanish Super Intensive 5 or 10 days

According to Section 6 Paragraph 2 Number 8 of the Saarland Education Leave Act (SBFG)

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