University Credits + Visa

University Credits + Visa

Many universities from a variety of countries will grant direct credit if you make plans in advance. To obtain college credits for classes taken at EPA! directly through your university:

  1. First, you must visit your Spanish Department or Study Abroad Office and inquire about the policies of the university regarding acquiring university credits via Spanish courses offered in Panama.
  1. You must inform EPA! of the university policy and we will send you our curriculum descriptions and any other information in accordance with your university’s guidelines for program approval.
  1. Once in Panama, the student is expected to fulfill all university requirements, without exception. At the end of the course, students will receive a certification of attendance that indicates the level of the student at the end of the course.

If needed, we have an agreement with a local university that can issue a certificate showing the level you got and its equivalent in the credit system of the United States and Europe.

Student VISA

Most countries do not need visas to come to Panama and you can study without a visa for up to 6 months in most cases.

At EPA! Español en Panama we do not carry out visa procedures for students.

We recommend that you visit specific government entities in your country if you plan to come to Panama and learn Spanish.

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