Boquete Guide

Top 11 things to do while you are studying in Boquete Town

  1. Be able to have access to incredible nature anywhere you are. In this location you will see flowers, hear the birds and river constantly from anywhere.
  2. Find with less than two hours incredible islands and indigenous communities and the most incredible hikes to see waterfall, volcano, and so much adventure activities.
  3.  Enjoy a mild temperature all year from 18 to 23 degrees all day and lower temperatures in the evening for a chill and crisp evenings full of stars.
  4. The town is very stunning, and you will be able to walk everywhere from the school which is in the center. There architecture is unique to this area in some of the houses that nowadays are some of the top boutique hotels or restaurants in the entire country at affordable prices.
  5.  You can visit in a short walk or a short car ride (or horse) one of the best coffee farms in the world, enjoy a coffee watching and hearing the river or if you like adventure do a zip line that will literally make you feel one more animal in the jungle.
  6. If you like to pamper yourself this is the place! From incredible day spa locations that offer massage, sauna, swimming pools, jacuzzi and much more to specialize masseuse that you can hire for very affordable rates.
  7. Have access to more than 20 restaurants that offer local food like seafood, sancocho or our corn tortillas that are unique to Panama or enjoy a meal from top chef with splendid locations with a very affordable price.
  8. Take part in many of the outdoor festivals, events, activities that this town offers and its province. A melting pot of nationalities.
  9. If you like to party there are a few spots that you can go and dance, enjoy a local beer or just chat with friendly people from Chiriqui, the rest of Panama or all over the world.
  10. Go on a weekend trip to the next-door provinces like Bocas del Toro that is only about 2-hour drive or also visit Veraguas that has so much to offer. Also, the David airport is just a short flight to Panama City.
  11. Take advantage that we have one of the main airlines in Latin America and visit Colombia or Costa Rica very easily and with affordable rates.
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