Why Choose Panama City

General information about Panama

Linking North and South America and the Caribbean and pacific oceans, Panama is an ideal and idyllic place for those who want to know and visit Latin America. It is the perfect starting point for Latin America because is safe and easy to travel from multiple locations and visit other countries during the weekends!

Panama is home to seven different native Indigenous communities, and with its many rainforests, mountains, and spectacular beaches it offers a varied landscape to suit all interests.

It is still possible to find unspoiled beaches, uninhabited islands, diverse wildlife, and traditional tribal lifestyles.

Panama’s culture has been strongly influenced by Spain, the United States, and the Caribbean, as well as by Chinese and Asian communities, resulting in a uniquely rich and diverse society.

Why choose Panama City?

Few cities in Latin America can match the diversity of Panama City.

The historic colonial architecture contrasts with many modern skyscrapers. With its unique position on world trade routes, this thriving commercial and business city attracts immigrants from all around the world, resulting in a multi-cultural melting pot.

This cosmopolitan city has much to offer its visitors in terms of entertainment, both during the day and at night and at the same time we have lots of nature to enjoy during any time of the day.

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