Panama Guide

TOP 11 things to do while you are studying in Panama City

  1. Have access to the many activities around the Panama Canal as transit the Canal, Panama Jungle tour, river rafting, hiking, water skiing, trekking, zip lining, and many others.
  2. Find within less than two hours the most beautiful beaches and the most unique indigenous tribes in Panama, while having the choice between the Pacific and the Caribbean Ocean
  3. Sail in a Catamaran to the most incredible islands in Panama located in the “Archipelago de las Perlas” or the Caribbean around San Blas islands.
  4. Explore the contrasts of Panama City’s old town “Casco Viejo” with its stunning colonial architecture and the modern business districts filled with skyscrapers; you will find yourself in the most cosmopolitan city in whole Latin America.
  5. Visit the ruins of “Panamá la Vieja”, a world heritage site, and only a short bus ride away from the school.
  6. Enjoy an early trail at the nearby “Parque Metropolitano” or “Soberania” right before classes start.
  7. Have access to more than 100 restaurants from all over the world without missing out to taste some real Panamanian food, including Sancocho, Patacones, or Ceviche.
  8. Take part in one of the many cultural events, concerts, or art festivals taking place every weekend in downtown Panama City.
  9. Feel the Latin American vibes while dancing the night away in one of the countless night clubs in “Calle Uruguay” or “Casco Viejo”.
  10. Go on a weekend trip to Bocas Del Toro, Boquete, or the Central Provinces thanks to our local airlines or by taking one of the low-priced buses.
  11. Benefit from local airlines and offers from local and international airports to visit Colombia and Central America during weekends.
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