Why Choose Boquete Town


Why Choose Boquete Town

Boquete is in the province of Chiriquí which is the second province in the country after Panama City. It is located west of Panama and next to Costa Rica. Boquete is a district within Chiriquí with about 25,000 people that live in this small paradise of 500 Kms2. This location of ours is very near Costa Rica and offers the option of studying Spanish in one of the best places to live in Latin America or ranked as top destinations to live or retire.

In this area of the country, you will find the indigenous community of the Ngobe where they continue their traditions and customs. This province hast it all! The mountains, beaches, islands, the mild weather, the fresh vegetables and fruits, friendly people, and the multiple activities to do around nature.

Some of the beaches are Boca Chica, La Barqueta, las Lajas. Chiriqui has 24 islands that many of them are protected, and some are quite famous like Paridas, Bolaños, Gamez and two very important national parks Coiba and Golf of Chiriqui.

Chiriqui is now one of the top destinations for tourism in our country and most importantly, Boquete has become the home of people from multiple nationalities for everything that it offers and that there is no unemployment due to the opportunities that this small town offers and that is consider a little place from heaven by multiple travelers that visit it.

Few mountains location can match the diversity of its population and the number of things to do around it with great infrastructure to visit other areas of the province or Bocas del Toro, Veraguas, or Costa Rica.

This town offers almost the only mild weather within the country with temperatures that range from 18 to 24 degrees during the day. During the months of January and February, the temperature goes a bit lower, and it rains a bit less. We love the light rain here because it provides us with so many flowers, everything is green and many birds and wild animals that love to cohabit with humans in this idyllic place called Boquete.

If you like to learn on how things are done and how thing in nature grow this is also the place to visit. The best coffee in the world is sell on auctions and usually the coffee from many farms that win the top places is from Boquete. You will become an expert in Coffee, honey, cacao, strawberries and much more.

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