EPA! offer home-stay accommodation with a Spanish-speaking host family. EPA! host families are carefully screened to ensure they provide a pleasant and safe “home away from home” for our students, and families are selected on several criteria: location, lodging quality, furniture, nearby facilities, equipment, and food. Families are also selected based on their hospitality and positive feedback from past EPA! students. Although you will have your own keys to come and go as you, please, you will have to respect some rules and schedules, especially for mealtimes.

Living with a host family can help you learn Spanish faster while experiencing Latin American customs and culture firsthand. Students often develop very close relationships with their hosts, friendships that can last a lifetime.

All accommodations are booked from Sunday prior to the beginning of the course until Saturday (noon) after it finishes.

What’s include?

Private room

Breakfast and dinner

Private or shared bathroom


Towels and sheets

Weekly cleaning of the room


All of our shared apartments are centrally located near the school. 30 minutes is usually the longest it will take you to get to the school.



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