Gamboa Boat Tour

Gamboa Boat Tour

Gamboa is a small town in the Republic of Panama. It was one of a handful of permanent Canal Zone townships built to house employees of the Panama Canal and their dependents.

Is located on a sharp bend of the Chagres river at the point which feeds lake Gatun. just south of Gamboa, Lake Gatun and the Chagres, meet the Culebra Cut (Gaillard Cut) where the Canal cuts through the Continental Divide.

The boat tour consists of taking a boat at the Gatun lake and crossing over to the chagres river. Through the Chagres river, you will pass beside big chips that are passing through the Canal. It is a very awesome view and experience that we do at EPA Español en Panama as part of our extracurricular activities.

We then visit several small islands, which are not inhabited, where different monkeys live! We do all this in Spanish while we practice the language we are learning about Panama incredible areas to visit near our school.

Observing and feeding the monkeys is probably the best part of this whole tour! Besides seeing monkeys, you can also see alligators, iguanas, and some species of birds.

This tour is about one and a half hour and we do it on our Thursday afternoon fun activity day!

If you are a student of EPA! Don’t forget to ask if this tour is available while you are studying and learning Spanish.

Down below you can check out a short video of the tour experience.

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