Practice your Spanish at the Chocolate Factory Tour

Practice your Spanish at the Chocolate Factory Tour

Our students practice Spanish in this activity. We had the opportunity to visit a chocolate factory here in Panama “I Love Panama Chocolate”.

Each week we take our students to practice their Spanish with fun activities. These activities help students to speak and practice the language in real scenarios. You can find our activities calendar here.

Tips to practice your Spanish

  • Speak as much as possible.
  • Hear a native speaker talking.
  • Avoid using English words.
  • Learn 10 new Spanish words each day.
  • Have fun Spanish learning activities.
  • Read children’s Spanish books.

Nowadays is very easy to look for ways to practice your Spanish. Remember that the key points of a language are listening, speaking, understanding and grammar. Therefore try to take Spanish out of the classroom. Watch series in Spanish, and listen to music in Spanish. Or learn the Spanish names of chocolates. That sounds fun!

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The Chocolate Factory Tour

Their concept behind making this chocolate is to introduce different flavors that describe parts of the culture in Panama. The tour had 3 parts. The first part was an introduction to chocolate and the story behind every flavor of chocolate. The second part was an explanation of the making of the chocolate. And last we had the opportunity of choosing a flavor to add to the chocolate. For example, some of the students did mixes of coffee and cocoa nibs, cocoa, and others.

This activity provided the students with a new set of words for their vocabulary, they got to practice their Spanish by asking questions and they got to know Panama’s culture and traditions.

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If you are interested in learning Spanish and participating in activities like this one then EPA! Español en Panama is the place for you.


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